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At the Oakwood Mall
Honoring our fallen and supporting our veterans with outreach programs:
Pets for Patriots – Education – Knit Your Bit – Woodring Wall of Honor – Red Cross  


The venue entrance at the Oakwood Mall

Featuring  30 thousand square feet of:

  • Aircraft cockpits, military vehicles, & Cold War artifacts
  • Woodring Wall of Honor Kids Poster Contest
  • Mike Klemme Art Gallery: American Lake Veterans Golf Course for the rehabilitation of wounded veterans.


PhotosFlight simulator reservations: coming soon.

  • B-52 Stratofortress
  • Sabreliner

Cockpit experience reservations: coming soon.

  • Mig-21

Sabreliner cabin experience: coming soon.

  • Experience the luxury of a private jet.

The three week long Heroes Memorial Day exhibit will use art and artifacts as a memorial to those who have sacrificed their lives and to support wounded veterans through outreach programs.  It will be located in a furnished thirty thousand square foot facility in the Oakwood Mall.



  • A 120 foot long doubled sided information display wall will be surrounded by artifacts to include real military aircraft cockpits.  It will take visitors on a history tour of the American soldier from World War One through today. 
  • The Woodring Wall of Honor youth poster contest will see classrooms submit their art for display in the exhibit.
  • School field trips will teach youth about the sacrifice of American veterans and of the freedoms Americans enjoy.
  • KLEMME/Arts will provide a professional art gallery featuring the story of the American Lakes Veterans Golf Course for the rehabilitation of wounded veterans, designed by golfing legend Jack Nicklaus. The actual cockpit and cabin of Nicklaus’s personal Sabreliner jet used to fly him to his win at the 1986 Masters will be on display.


Veterans outreach:

  • American Red Cross Knit your Bit: blood drive and knitting gift for overseas soldiers.
  • Blue Star Mothers: gift packages to overseas soldiers.
  • Pets for Patriots: Giving our service members and veterans the unconditional love of a shelter pet that needs a home. There will be a public petting and adoption area in the exhibit.
  • Woodring Wall of Honor: the State of Oklahoma’s official Vietnam War Memorial.

Event partners:

Woodring Wall of Honor

Civil Air Patrol, Enid squadron

Kansas Wing HQ. Civil Air Patrol


Sew Fun

Blue Star Mothers

Oakwood Mall

Pets for Patriots

Red Cross

Vance Air Force Base

Nu-Tek Aircraft Instruments

Class A Exhibits


The 180 foot long event floor.



 Event donations can be made to the Woodring Wall of Honor, Inc. a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization.


Contact: Justin Messenger


Oakwood Mall, 4125 W Owen K Garriott Rd, Enid, OK 73703

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