Cockpit Sales

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Aero Vodochody L-29

L-29 for sale 20160430_200412 20160430_200429



L-29 for sell for best offer.

Rice Lake, Wisconsin.  For more info contact Steve Dennis,  Cell; 715-234-7613



A-7D Corsair

A7SaleA-7D cockpit HA210 complete with intact instrument panel with HUD and ejection seat for sale in Orem, Utah.  For more info contact Doc Hansen, Email; Cell; 801-427-3700.


F-101 Voodoo

Voodoo_Sale 1

Voodoo_Sale 2

• PICK UP ONLY • Trailer included. • All in good shape. • Has been recently repainted and all instruments are included in the cockpit. • Includes original seats • Jet came from an aircraft salvage yard near Edwards Air Force Base about 10 years ago.

Call Ernest Martinez at (830) 876-2967

More info at


Grumman AA5 cockpit

Sale_1 Grumman AA5

Sale_2 Grumman AA5

Call Michael at 603-674-5637


737-200 cockpit/sim

732 sale_1

732 sale_2

The cockpit is a cut away from a real Boeing 737-200 series aircraft, professionally mounted on a custom built trailer for US $80.000.00.

Contact Steve at


1952 Convair 340 Cockpit

Convair CV430 Sale_1

Convair CV430 Sale_2

28 foot long cockpit mounted on a steel frame with casters for US $14,500.

Contact Ryan at 682-225-3262


MD-80 Simulator



Send an email to for info.


Douglas DC-8-31

ForSale_DC-8_1 ForSale_DC-8_2 ForSale_DC-8_3

This DC-8 was ordered by Pan Am in 1955 and we are looking for a museum to place this historic jetliner cockpit on display.


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