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Cockpit-Fest USA at the Woodring Wall of Honor and Veterans Park

NOTE: Cockpit-Fest registration is for exhibitors attending all weekend and it pays for May 22 lunch & dinner and the May 23 Social dinner.

(The public can see the cockpits for free on Saturday 11 without registration)

Held in conjunction with…

Woodring Wall of Honor Memorial Day Events


Due to Corona Virus, the date has been changed to Memorial weekend.  


Cockpit-Fest Exhibitor Registration HERE



Friday May 22

  • 12pm – Exhibitor Registration Opens
  • 12pm – Lunch is served.
  • 6pm to 9pm -  Dinner and evening social in the hanger. Hang out and help set up cockpits and simulators!
  • 7pm – Voting for Spirit of Cockpit-Fest.
  • 10pm – Museum closes

Saturday May 23

  • 9am – Airport activities open: Cockpit-Fest USA, Legends of Flight youth camp, Memorial Day activities.
  • 12pm – Lunch at the hangar.
  • 6:30am – Group photo.
  • 6:40pm- Social dinner and private concert at the M.L. Becker Educational Center.
  • 9pm – Simulator flying and hang out time.
  • 10pm – Museum closes

Sunday May 24

  • 9am – Museum Opens

Lt. Col Gurry with her RV6

  • 9am – Spirit of Cockpit-Fest award winner RV6 aerobatic flight with Lt. Col Deirdre Gurry.
  • 3pm – End of Event.

Monday May 25

  • Memorial Day Ceremonies. This is an annual City of Enid Event. More details soon..




The official Vietnam Memorial for the State of Oklahoma

The Wall


Enid Woodring Airport (class D)

Enid Woodring Airport (class D)


Ruth Bailey: Event Director

Ruth Bailey: Cockpit-Fest USA  Director


  • The Woodring Wall of Honor & Veterans Park
  • Enid Woodring Airport
  • Civil Air Patrol – Enid Composite Squadron
  • EAA Chapter 455
  • City of Enid
  • Viperpits.org


Cockpit-Fest USA 2020 is dedicated to the memory of Beau Williamson


Beau 2020 patch

Beau "Willy" Williamson

Beau “Willy” Williamson


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